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-coverage or visit colorado mas -- >>> colorado massacre, james holmes makes his first court appearance. >>> we have breaking news out of colorado where the gunman accused in the movie theater massacre appears in court. >> james holmes appeared in court for the first time with bright origin -- orange red hair. >> james holmes made his first court appearance since the deadly rampage. he was read his lights and asked if he understood why he was in court. >> it is said that you shall not harass or tamper with any witness to or victim of the acts you are charged with committing. >> prosecutors were given until next monday to file formal charges. police say holmes has lawyered up and refusing to cooperate. it could take months to learn what motivated the attack. the district attorney is considering pursuing the death penalty. prosecutors will consult with families of the victims before making that decision. in the cha i don't -- chaos holmes almost got away, he was wearing tactical gear and his gas mask was different. investigators cleared out all explosives from his apartment, in
for such a lightweight. [ female announcer ] olay regenerist. >>> back to our top story, james holmes was a one-man arsenal when he walked into the aurora movie theater friday morning. >> investigators say he had two pistols, a shotgun and an automatic weapon. and bought 6,000 rounds of ammo all on line. abc's pierre thomas shows us how holmes was able to arm himself so very easily. >> reporter: abc news has learned and authorities suspect if all had gone according to the suspect's plan, the bombs in his apartment would have blown up the walls of his residence and possibly burned down the entire building. this fireball was created when police disposed of only part of the death trap. police had to overcome a room full of bombs and a spaghetti jumble of wires. once finally inside, police discovered evidence of an apparent obsession with batman. according to sources, among the paraphernalia recovered, a batman mask and batman poster. the most critical item found a computer. police hope it will be the key to unlocking why holmes went on his murderous rampage. but many are left to wonder how holmes
spree in colorado. here's what we know right now. police are saying this man, 24- year-old james holmes, open fire inside of a movie theater. in all, 70 victims and 12 people who were killed. eyewitness news has complete coverage, we have the latest from aurora, colorado. >> reporter: well, the victims of this massacre have been identified and family members have been told if their loved ones were among those killed or wounded. at this hour, 24 people are still in the hospital, 11 in critical condition. candles flickered throughout the night for the victims in the theater sheeter. matt's fiance is on life support. >> it makes no sense. >> reporter: tom sullivan spent the day trying to find his son. >> we're looking for him. >> reporter: and then late friday night, the family was notified alex sullivan was killed. he was celebrating his 27th birthday with a midnight screening of the "dark knight rises," when this man, 24-year- old james holmes threw gas canisters into the theater and started shooting. >> at the time, i thought it was fireworks and then i was hit here. >> reporter: st
reported after last friday's shooting. holmes has refused to cooperate. here's manuel gallegus live from aurora, colorado with more. >> reporter: murder suspect james holmes appeared in court this morning for the first time with bright orange-red hair. he seemed to be dozing off at times as the judge advised him of his rights and his alleged crime. suspected gunman james holmes made his first court appearance since the deadly rampage at a colorado movie theater. he was read his rights and asked if he understood why he was in court. >> you shall not harass, molest, intimidate, retaliate against or tamper with any witness to or victim of the acts you are charged with committing. >> reporter: prosecutors were given until next monday to file formal charges. police say holmes shown here in an internet photo on adult friend finder has lawyered up and is refusing to cooperate with the investigation. authorities say it could take months to learn what motivated the attack. the district attorney is considering pursuing the death penalty against holmes. prosecutors will consult with the families of
didn't say a word. he didn't look at anymore in the courtroom. i'm talking about james holmes. here is he in court this morning for the first time since he opened fire in that colorado movie theater. he wasn't arraigned. he wasn't charged. that is said to happen one week from today. you see him, watch his eyes sitting there quietly next to his public defender. victims family members stared at him but he did not. he barely did much other than open and close his eyes. almost looked like he nodded off, a number of puzzling expressions. at times he looked blank. other times groggy. there might have been concern in his eyes. after a couple of minutes he was taken back to solitary confinement without holmes. he's accused of killing 12 people and wounding 58 others at a midnight showing of the dark knight rises. police say they caught him outside, without a fight. he was wearing a gas mask and body armor from head to toe. jim spellman in aurora for us. he was inside the courtroom when holmes appeared. jim, it was tough to get read on him during the appearance. i don't know if he was noddin
. in less than two hours the shooting suspect james holmes could be in court his appearance set for 7:30. holmes has not been speaking to authorities following the shootings that left 12 dead and 58 injured. holmes is being neddle solitary confinement -- is being held in solitary confinement. it is possible his attorney could show up loan for the proceeding. holmes won't be charged today. prosecutors have three days to file charges there will be at least 70 within for each victim probably more. police say holmes began buying guns two months ago. >>> abc news has obtained video of the suspect recorded six years ago when he was speaking at a science camp. >> came here tonight have a super power and let 'em have more fun. >> abc news took the tape to a psychologist to get a professional opinion on what this video reveals. >> he's a very bright person, very articulate, organized in his thoughts, very smart. >> he also said evidence indicates holmes didn't just snap, careful planning and execution of his crime shows proactive attack behavior or premeditation. >>> film studios are not repor
holmes, the suspect in the colorado movie theater shooting will appear in court for the first time. today is also a day of reflection for the community in aurora. >> a mid the chaos in the moments following the shooter 24 dwreerld james holmes almost got away. wearing tactical year, he slipped out of the theater and looked like any other swat team member on the scene expect for one mistake. >> there was one particular piece of equipment he had on him that was out of place. i'm so proud of my officers that they spotted that right away and channelled him. >> authorities were able to clear out all of the explosives in holmes apartment, including 30 homemade grenades designed to kill whoever walked in. among the evidence found, a bat man mask. >> we're building a case to show that this was a process by a very intelligent man who wanted to do this. >> president obama spent several hours here on sunday in a private meeting with the families of the victims. he said he told them he wasn't here as president but as a father and a husband. >> we can all understand what it would be to have somebody t
at this point. . >>reporter: james holmes has been planning this for months. . this individual,>> 12 people died and nearly 60 were hurt from this fire tear meat midnight showin shooting. . president obama paid a visit. >> a confessed to them that words are always an adequate for these types of situation. my main task was to serve as a representative for the entire country and let them know the we are thinking about them at this moment and we will continue to think about them each and every day. >> james holmes is aexpected to appear in court. he has been planning this rampage for months, it is believed. no motive. he will be in court at 8:3 he0 this new video of the president as he visited the survivors in a hospital. stephanie dvd = davies.. president obama found out that the one girl helped save her friend's life. she was shot in the neck. her friend rushed to save her. could lead stories like this will bring the community together. >> law enforcement officials are saying that the largest mass shooting in u.s. history might have been much worse. if that the gun not jammedd cjames holmes is ex
: the aurora police department released holmes avenue booking photo this afternoon and a lawyer representing the suspect's parents told reporters their heart goes out to the victims and their families. >> the family has elected not to discuss james or their relationship with james at this time. >> reporter: security was tight when the suspect faced the judge today. police stationed snipers on the courthouse roof. holmes is being kept in solitary confinement. theresa garcia, cbs news. >>> here in washington d.c. the senate observed a moment of silence for the victims of the movie theater shooting and over in the house denver's congressman jared polis thanked all those who sent their prayers and support to the families. >> one of the grave dangers stemming from our love of sports is that the sports themselves can become too big to fail, indeed too big to even challenge. the result can be an erosion of academic values that are replaced by the value of hero worship and winning at all costs. >> that, the message from the ncaa today as it handed down unprecedented sanctions against penn state. th
controversy. >> there is a jim holmes of aurora, colorado page on the colorado tea party site as well. >> bill: abc news making significant mistake on the early coverage of the massacre. bernie goldberg will have some thoughts on that. >> the ncaa is imposing a fine of $60 million on the university. >> bill: penn state gets hammered. its football program cut way back for at least four years in the wake of the sandusky child molestation scandal. but is the punishment enough? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks forever watching us tonight. guns murder and the u.s.a. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. far left idealogues are demagoguing the mass murder in colorado. they want gun control in the country. uber liberal bill moyers is the poster boy for that. >> the killer in colorado waiting only for an opportunity. and there you have it. the arsenal of democracy transformed into the arsenal of death. and the nra, the nra is the enabler of death. paranoid, delusional, and as venomous as a corps i don't kn
monsters like james holmes in colorado. another memo to bill moyers? this week marks the one year anniversary that some nut shot and killed 77 human beings in norway. norway. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. 24-year-old james holmes appeared in court today. he will be charged next week you can see how bizarre this guy is colorado has the death penalty and odds are this guy will get it. joining us from the mile high city colorado prosecutor craig silverman and fox news anchor jon scott has been covering the story from the very beginning, did great work for us on friday night what's the headline today, john? >> his first court appearance judge appearance for yourself. onk hair detached expression. to me, it looks like he is some where vacillating between sorrow, drowsiness and bemused attachment when he is appearing in that courtroom filled with the weeping victims and their family members. the people he is accused of shooting. when asked whether he understood his rights holmes lawyer spoke for him as far as weekend tell, he didn't say a word. as bad as the shooti
the judge and a sea of onlookers. >> reporter: with dyed orange hair, 24-year-old james holmes sat silent in a colorado courtroom looking dazed and tired. >> you're currently being held on a no-bond hold. >> reporter: this is our first look at holmes since free day morning when he opened fire inside a movie theater killing 12 people, injurying dozens more. >> i'm trying to not deal with the anger. it's a decision when you feel like you can forgift guy but you know he's going to get justice. >> reporter: holmes is being held on a single murder charge. >> i would say there's no such thing as a slam dunk case f is a case -- case. it is a case where we're looking at the evidence. >> reporter: police spent weekend detonating booby traps inside holmes' apartment and removing explosives. they're combing through his computer saying his home was full of batman paraphernalia. today's hearing also comes after an emotional weekend for aurora. thousands attended a prayer vigil and president obama met with the victims' families. while the d.a. is considering the death penalty, she said first she wants
will be hearing from the attorney for the james holmes family in san diego. that will happen in less than an hour. watch for that. i want to talk more about this with sunny hostin. let's talk more about it. jim is right. a lot of people were waiting to see if he would have that flame red dyed hair. he did. odd expressions. we can call them odd. it was a brief stop there in court. what did you take away from it? >> it's interesting. the legal question at this point in this proceedings and we know there will be many proceedings is whether or not he's competent, not insane but competent. does he understand the nature of the charges against him. the judge was talking about first-degree. he can't get out. he's held in solitary confinement. does he understand the nature of the charges against him and can he help his defense team in his defense? can he aid? i saw someone, if he's not malingering that seems incompetent at this time to stand trial. he was sort of very out of it. that could be medication perhaps it's he hasn't slept. who knows. i saw a very odd looking defendant. the first thing that came
that much of katie holmes in the years she was married to tom cruise. >> now less than a month after her bombshell divorce announcement, she is, well, everywhere, now magazine covers even on broadway. abc's amy robach reports on her big career makeover. >> reporter: even the rain can't keep katie holmes down these days. spotted on the streets of new york city with daughter suri in tow. it appears holmes is taking full advantage of her post s divorce publicity and highlighting her role as a rising style icon by gracing los angeles based "c" magazine, revealing a more sexy, confident look. in the interview conducted one day before she announced she'd be divorcing tom cruise, holmes speaks out on her future telling the magazine, quote, i am ready to take on some more challenging roles. i feel look i worked so much at a young age that i really wanted to have life experiences. i feel more balanced and like i have more to bring to the table. holmes, who launched the ready-to-wear label holmes and yang in 2009 with jean yang, is rocking elegant looks from her latest collection. >> when we spoke
car insurance. >>> scientology, is the controversial religion a factor in katie holmes' decision to divorce tom cruise? we're digging deeper ahead. and while other sunscreens can feel greasy ultra sheer® is clean and dry. it's the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. did you know honey nut cheerios is america's favorite cereal? oh, you're good! hey, did you know that honey nut cheerios is... oh you too! ooh, hey america's favorite cereal is... honey nut cheerios ok then off to iceland! >>> tonight there's finally good news to report about the giant waldo canyon wildfire in colorado. firefighters say the blaze had stopped growing and is now 55% contained. so much damage has been done. nearly 18,000 acres charred. 350 homes have been destroyed and two people have lost their lives. and while weather conditions have improved, one official put it this way. the tiger is in a cage but the door is still open. in other words, the winds can pick up at any moment. tonight we have two reports on how firefighters tackle a wildfire of this magnitude and we begin with martin savidg
linked to james holmes is sending shock waves through the investigation. it's thursday, july 26th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> good thursday morning, everybody. i'm paula faris. or as rob likes to call it friday eve. >> friday eve. just makes it psychologically easier towards the end of the week. >> could we say tgife? >> there you go. >> thank god it's friday eve. >> there you go. see, well done, paula. you are always thinking. >> not really. >> good morning, everybody. i am rob nelson. we'll explain how the colorado investigation is taking a strange new turn. we'll get to that in a second. >>> on top of that, olympic embarrassment. a big flag flap. i've got to say that slowly. >> oh, yes. hot water. >> just one big business that is not going as planned in london. it's been a rough start by all accounts. some security issues and then traffic issues. we have the flag dust-up. kind of been -- eh. >> the opening ceremony hasn't even happened. >> we have miles to go. >> also coming up. an 11-year-old boy with a runaway story for the ages. how did he hop
will be remembered are the good people who were impacted by this tragedy. tragedy.the suspect... james holmes... is expected to appear in court this morning. he has been assigned a public defender and authorities say he is no longer cooperating with them in their investigation. besides the boobie traps in his apartment they also found a batman poster and a mask associated with the movies. stay with us for continuing coverage as holmes heads to court today.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. one of the victims was an aspiring sportscaster who had just survived another shooting in canada. canada.jason " one of the sweetest people you ever met just a great heart all around.." around.." jessica ghawi was inside the theater with her friend when her life came to an end. the twenty-four year-old was a sports intern in denver. family members say they just cant make sense of what happened. ' "i mean it just goes to show it takes just on idiot. to really ruin 12 amazing you know potentially world changing positive forces in this world.. so i mean i think anger will come." come."
chase sapphire. >>> scientology, is the controversial religion a factor in katie holmes' decision to divorce tom cruise? we're digging deeper ahead. onets rolling hot dogs bag of ice anti-freeze wash and dry diesel self-serve fix a flat jumper cables 5% cashback signup for 5% cashback at gas stations through september. it pays to discover. >>> tonight there's finally good news to report about the giant waldo canyon wildfire in colorado. firefighters say the blaze had stopped growing and is now 55% contained. so much damage has been done. nearly 18,000 acres charred. 350 homes have been destroyed and two people have lost their lives. and while weather conditions have improved, one official put it this way. the tiger is in a cage but the door is still open. in other words, the winds can pick up at any moment. tonight we have two reports on how firefighters tackle a wildfire of this magnitude and we begin with martin savidge who spent the last phi days with a special unit that uses all the tools of modern technology to predict the direction in which a wild with fire will move. >> rep
. ifill: it was the first time he had been seen publicly since friday's shootings, and james holmes cut a bizarre figure. his hair dyed bright orange, his eyes dazed. it was unclear if he was on medication, but the 24-year-old staredded blankly or not at all... or nodded off. and he never spoke as the judge explained the murder charges against him. afterward district attorney carol chambers said the state is considering asking for the death penalty. but she wants to hear from the victim's family. >> it's the... if death penalty is sought, that's a very long process that impacts their lives. for years. and so they will want to have and we will want to get their input before we make any ki of a cision on that. >> ifill: holmes is accused of opening fire inside aurora century 16 theater on friday. 12 people were killed and 58 wounded. seven remain in critical condition. police say holmes opened fire with a semiautomatic rifle, but it jammed. so he used a shotgun and a pistol. a change that may have saved lives. minutes later he was arrested near his car behind the theater. the investigatio
new developments from colorado. 24-year-old accused mass murderer james holmes made his first court appearance not long ago. it was our first time seeing the suspect since he allegedly killed 12 people and injured dozens more inside that aurora movie theater friday night. holmes showing no signs of emotion there during today's hearing. did he did look extremely desired and struggled to keep his eyes open. the hair died reddish orange. you might remember he told police he was the joker. he's currently in solitary confinement held without bond. all of this as prosecutors grapple with the decision of whether to pursue the death penalty. >> victims will be impacted by that decision in an enormous way for years. if the death penalty is sought, that's a very long process that impacts their lives. for years. and so they will want to have and well want to get their input before we make any kind of a decision on that. >> let's bring in mike taibbi outside the courthouse. good afternoon to you. >> reporter: hi, craig, how are you. >> what's the latest? >> reporter: i was inside the courtroom.
. it was a clean up more serious john holmes bring a short hair cut and round wire rimmed glasses. among the 31 people call today one by one and its racial educational and social backgrounds and interior designer in her 20s says she's tried to avoid the media coverage but you cannot get away from it another man about 30 says the nearly three year-old order to avoid coverage of the drew peterson case was not an effective anymore so he watched the tv movie about the case with his girlfriend and he said petersen looked guilty. state attorney james flask of did not talk on camera today. he is still strong and confident and he knows he did not do anything wrong. he is confident that is what the jury is going to see. he was a cop, he knows the neighborhood he knows the people we have the ultimate jury consultant in this matter and that is drew peterson so we're going to use that knowledge in helping us select the jury. there were two delays today one was a prosecution motion for the judge to allow all shares say evidence into the murder trial itself. the other was this afternoon when the judge publi
, what kind of bomb would he have manufactured. >> james holmes, the suspect in the colorado shooting rampage is expected to make his first appearance in court about two hours from now. this comes as the police chief says emergency first responders averted a second crisis that night at the suspect's apartment. >> i have been told by the bomb experts that had someone opened that door it would have triggered that device it would have almost certainly killed or injured whoever opened the door and would have started a very big fire that would have been a real challenge for our fire department. >> joining me now is nbc's chris jansing of course, host of "jansing & co." and chris, as we -- as the authorities went into the apartment, now they're getting access to the apartment, his computer, things like that, we still don't have that answer that we in the press and we in the country i think all are looking for which is simply why did he do it. >> well, that is the key question. and it may be weeks, months, we don't know if we'll ever know from james holmes would provoked this terrible, terri
holmes spent months stockpiling thousands of bullets, head to toe ballistic gear without raising any red flags with authorities. and here's a situation regardless of party where one would think that both sides would be able to agree on rework the system. but yet there doesn't seem to be at this point any political will to do that. >> this has been the case for quite some time. and it is i agree surprising almost every time there is one of these incidents, we have another conversation about how there needs to be another conversation and then there isn't one. some will blame the nra which has worked very hard over the years obviously to hold elected officials to a certain standard. but the will is not there with the politicians themselves and i think to a certain extent with the public. just as every time some incident like this, there is a call for more gun control. you also hear a call for people to be able to arm themselves. and that's the direction really for the last two decade, less gun control, not more. >> let's talk about political will. here's a january gallup poll. it shows half
she's being treated for minor injuries. >>> e-news reports that katie holmes has registered at a catholic church in new york. in my neighborhood. >>> tom cruise's attorney is threatening the "national enquirer's" parent company with a lawsuit. he blasted recent headlines such as tom's house of horrors. the real tom is a monster and denied reporting that holmes was monitored and reported on to scientolo scientology's leader. >>> reports say channing tatum may star in a film about evil knievel. >>> finally "us weekly" reports that miley cyrus has gotten her 15th tattoo, a quote from a 1910 speech by theodore roosevelt. you see it's all the way down her arm. >> she's got one of those? >> but it looks like the possibility it could be marker. because it's kind of huge. >> a random quote by theodore roosevelt? >> good time we don't have enough time for it. "way too early" with willie geist starts right now. >>> mitt romney says he expected to get booed during his speech at the naacp, promising to repeal obama care and telling the audience that as president, he would make life bett
holmes. a man who says he was cruise's counselor in the divorce from nicole kidman speaks out. >> and kristen chenoweth was rushed to a hospital after suffering an injury on the set of her tv show. >> reporter: kristin chenoweth was hit by a falling piece of lighting equipment and treated on set before being brought here to bellevue hospital. actress kristen chenoweth was injured on the brooklyn set of "the good wife." she's photos show her in a neck brace being loaded into the ambulance. according to reports she was struck by a falling piece of lighting equipment. a statement said she received treatment on the scene until a ambulance arrived and transported her to the hospital. >> she's energetic, very physical but she's also a very, very small woman. she's not even 5 feet tall. the idea of her being struck by equipment and falling, you have to be concerned for her safety now. >> reporter: chenoweth won a tony award for her role in "you're a good man charlie brown" and an emmy award for her work in tv show "pushing daisies." she also originated the popular role of gl linda in
. holmes' lawyers are getting the first look at his home as neighbors in the building are being allow today return. this new video shows a very different james holmes. he was recorded in 2006. it shows him giving a presentation at the institute for biological studies. instructors remember him as a mediocre student who did not take direction. >>> people going to the movies are already on edge in wake of that shooting. but two separate fights during a screening of the "dark knight rises" had them running for safety. police show a man punching a woman in the face. this happened on sunday. all of this in a dispute about a bathroom stall. then, two women started fielgting. somebody yelled something and then everybody in the theater panicked. >> attorneys for the victims say the school's reckless behavior contributed to the abuse. they also claim that the abuse lasted for many years after that shower incident. lawyers released voice mails left by sandusky last fall. in them, sandusky can be heard saying i love you to the victim. >> i was just calling to see -- i don't know whether you're going to
about them at this point. . >>reporter: james holmes has been planning this for months. . this individual, in my opinion is a cold, calculating and murder. >> 12 people died and nearly 60 were hurt from this suspected the gunmen opened fire tear meat midnight showin shooting. . >> kids. mothers, fathers. they are dead. >> authorities have not publicly discussed a motive he is expected to appear in court today. for this community and many want to focus on the stories of courage, strength and not on evil or despair. and our rob their o rin aurora, colorado t mobile heavily.president obama and arrd in the bay area about 815 reggie kumar was there for the arrival. >>reporter:airforce one i arrived about one hour late. spending extra time in aurora, colorado. security was tight. once the president made its final turn the commander in chief exited and he waved. you walked down the stairs to his motorcade. he will spend sunday night in the san francisco his first event will be monday in reno, nev. word he will speak to the veterans of foreign wars. reggie kumar,
in the colorado mass shooting. a packet sent to the university of colorado, by shooting suspect james holmes. it shows drawings and descriptions of the attack. holmes accused of shooting people in the midnight shooting of the dark knight rising. holmes will be back in court monday, where he is expected to be formally charged. >>> in the wake of the shooting in colorado, gun sales and applications for permits are soaring for that state. and one law enforcement group wants stronger measures. an influential member is one of the top cops. >> baltimore's chief is just one of nine who want lawmakers to take a long, hard look at the nation's gun laws. they fear that the colorado shooting could happen again. >> reporter: the century 16 movie theater in aurora, colorado, became a crime scene last week. and the family of victims continued to mourn. but now in light of the mass shooting, thousands of miles away in the nation's capital, police chiefs from around the country, are calling for tighter gun controls. >> we have been derelict in our national response to the problem of gun violence. and for th
about the health and safety in the colorado it shooting suspect. according to the news, james holmes told that allows workers he does not remember why he's in jail. he complains of a stomach ache of the shell house news. he has to wear a bulletproof vest because authorities are worried that he could be a target. members of the call rocklin team visited victims. they said that they felt compelled to come. they said that they wanted to make them spile even just a few minutes. >>> he is questioning the city's preparedness. he is also talking about a meeting that is supposed to be secret. kate is in the news room with your world >>> unfortunately for the gop you that i did it, it was one blunder after another. mitt romney is facing fire for a couple choice comments he made about organizers of the games. this was a sharp response from the prime minister who took jabs at mitt romney. >>> i appreciated the insights and perspectives. >>> both groups would not confirm or deny the meetings. he hopes to make up for the mistakes as he heads for is road tomorrow it was not a complete diplomatic b
news at ten. 3 according to documents filed by his attorneys...colora do shooting suspect james holmes was being treated by a psychiatrist. records even show that holmes mailed a package to his doctors that has since been taken by police...for fear that the package could be rigged with explosives. investigators are also analyzing a notebook believed to be written by holmes..where they found plans for a massacre...including drawings of a stick-figure gunman mowing down his victims. holmes is expected to make his second court appearance monday. a new movie that contains a violent shoot-out at a theater will not be released this fall. that decision comes directly from the movie massacre fallout. fallout.warner brothers announced it will postpone the release of the movie ágangster squadá. it was originally set to hit theaters in september but will be released early next year. the movie containn a scene that shows gangsters shooting automatic weapons into a crowded movie theater. today reverend jesse jackson met with some of the shooting victims...calling for a ban on assault weapons. "e
: the shooting suspect in that movie made his first court appearance today. 24 year-old james holmes is the man who opened fire in our war. his alleged victims saw him only in bullet proof body armor. when him. poured it out quite a surprise. >> he appeared dazed, confused and sometimes comatose. he did not say a word as the judge told him he would be formally charged in the weekend that bail is of the question. >> he has no right coming to court for the saddle defaced. >> the sky is nothing. he is a coward and a genius. he is flying the system. >> the father of another victim was at the hearing today. prosecutors say it is too early to make that determination. >> if the death penalty is sought, that is a long process that will impact their lives for years. they want to have and we would want to get their input. >>da: tonight j.r stone continues coverage on the theater shooting. he has details on how the suspect was able to get its hands on the ammunition and the weapons used. >> some of the neighbors near his apartment complex have been able to go back home. others are not so lucky. this is an
in the colorado movie theater shootings doesn't know why he's in jail james holmes has been in custody for one week as he waits charges for last week's deadly shootings the new york daily news reports that holmes has been acting like he has an issue in jail one worker says that he's been asking people why he's there there are also reports that ds one jill worker how batman movie ended holmes was also complaining of stomach aches that he is blaming on the gel food aid jury in mchenry county has begun deliberations in the sexual assault trial of john wayne gacy nephew raymond caspar in closing arguments this morning prosecutors accuse the mother and the end of the alleged victim tampering with their story he testified yesterday denying that he assaulted a 12 year-old girl last year earlier in the week the girl testified she might have dreamt of the attack in spite of physical evidence that she had been abused the girl and her brother were taken away from the mother into protective custody this morning by the department of children and family services mental health advocates present a pink slip
and the charges that are coming ahead for holmes? >> reporter: hi, thomas, how are you? we're not likely to hear that until the arraignment itself, unless one of the defense attorneys from the public defender's office gives a hint. at the arraignment, he has to offer a plea, and the only choices are guilt, not guilt, or ngi, as lawyers call it, not guilt by reason of insanity. and we'll get a sense of that and learn whether this suspect, this defendant is cooperating with attorneys. he didn't speak to the police since his arrest. he's been in solitary confinement. if they feel he's not able to assist in his own defense or understand the charges against him, they can, of course, call for a psychiatric examination. and generally the state hospital in pueblo, the state can have its psychiatrist examine him to see if that's, in fact, the case. and after the arraignment, the plea would be entered, and 60 days from there the prosecution would have to make the decision of whether or not to go for the death penalty. those decisions are down the road a bit. >> nbc's mike taibbi, thank you. prosecutors de
police put evidence bags on his hands to preserve any gunshot residue, james holmes pretended the bags were puppets. police are searching for a motive and getting help from the fbi behavioral analysis unit. formal charges are coming monday but it will be months before he's arraigned and enters a plea of guilty, not guilty or as most expect not guilty by reason of insanity. we start with nbc's jay gray outside the century theater in aurora. jay, we are learning more about the suspect's bizarre behavior and his booby trapped apartment. what's the latest on both of those? >> reporter: s.e., let's break this down in a couple of ways. first the reaction from people here after that appearance. a lot of them are saying that this is all an ability, that this is building up to, as you have talked about, some insanity plea and it's frustrating for those survivors, those who have lived through this and this community that's been shattered here. a lot of people point to what investigators are finding inside the apartmenting like you talk about about. how can a man plan this out for so many months
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